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Robert Epstein is an experienced performer and teacher in the Meisner tradition.  He has developed a detailed course of training for all aspects of an actor's work, from stage to film and TV, and from rehearsal and audition techniques to the creation of original material and one-man shows.

In this unique course, Robert leads students through a serious program of study, following all stages of the Meisner technique, while applying each skill acquired to different aspects of stage and on-camera acting.  Part of each session is devoted to straight technique, while the second part deals with film and television applications.
The student's commitment is to one eight-week series at a time.  Each series covers an important phase of the actor's work.  Each new series builds on what has come before.  However, each eight-week series is also complete unto itself, providing a strong body of acting skills students can apply professionally.

If a class is missed, extensive review sheets will help students keep up with new information. Private makeup classes can also be scheduled for an additional fee when necessary. Private coaching sessions are also available for students who wish to do more work in a specific area.

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