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The purpose of this group is to discuss Meisner-based themes and techniques as taught and practiced in Robert Epstein's Meisner Technique Program. It is intended for class members and graduates of Robert's acting school, as well as other actors, directors and writers who have an interest in acting techniques and Meisner Technique in particular. The discussions in this group will be geared towards the specifics and details of technique practice and training from the perspective of the practitioners, whether actor, director or writer, and the questions that participants may have that Robert or others can answer.

Broad or contentious debate over which acting philosophies are most effective will be discouraged. It will be assumed that participants either use or wish to use the principles and techniques of Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler and others within behaviorally-based acting, and the discussions will take place within that tradition. There is no problem with arguing specific points of technique within that tradition, but those who insist on having contentious general arguments about the overall perspective of acting technique will be removed from the group. The moderator will have the final word on whether a discussion should be continued or not.

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