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The First Twelve Weeks.

The first series begins to build a strong foundation for behavioral work and improvisation.  The ability to respond in the moment with interesting, imaginative behavior, to establish a sense of real relationship on stage or screen, and to improvise with both action and voice, form the foundation of a strong acting technique.

This series employs exercises especially designed to help students develop and gain confidence in these skills.

Towards the end of the series, the class will be introduced to exercises with objects which strengthen concentration and the ability to improvise, and build an actor's confidence when alone on stage or screen by supplying truthful activities to do.  The class will also start working on building imaginary circumstances which create the actor's full reality.

Sessions 1-6:  Reading behavior, dealing fully with another person, improvisational exercises

Sessions 7-12:  Improvising with objects to improve the actor's focus, confronting another person's behavior, beginning to work with imagination and imaginary circumstances.

One session out of the series will be devoted to On-Camera Exercises which explore the techniques learned in the Series.

Exercises for camera will include:

• Playing through  the camera with full human intention;

• Fully improvising as if the camera weren't there;
• Creating compelling on-camera behavior through full improvisation;
• Being alone on camera by focusing on the performance of an activity;
• Creating specific behavior for film or TV by the way the activity is done;
• Bringing reality to commercial copy by focusing on your activity and intention;
• Creating the reality of film or TV situations by the way physical activities are    performed, and by focusing on the imaginary circumstances.

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